The President of the United States made an unscheduled stop this afternoon while on his way to the airport, delaying his flight and putting off his big trip to Asia for some personal time at his Hawaii hotel.

Not only did he put off an important diplomatic trip so he could visit his own hotel, he used a taxpayer-funded flight to promote his own businesses – yet another example of the shameless way he exploits the presidency to fill his own pockets.

While it’s nice to see him recognizing the work that the employees who run his real estate “empire” do to keep him flush with cash for gold mouldings and fried chicken, he would be better off paying them a fair wage and giving them the benefits they deserve for all their hard work.

The American people would like to sincerely apologize to Prime Minister Abe of Japan, who will have to push back the arrival ceremony. The President of the United States had some extremely important business to attend to.

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  1. Given that air force 1 requires priority flight status and a large window with no takeoffs and landings, that delay inconvenienced a lot more people than those in Japan. Not to mention that roads in and out of the airport would also be blocked.

  2. When are we going to get rid of this cancer on America? So sick and tired of his b/s and his ugly face and tiny little girl voice. Sick and tired of his whole corrupt family and his slimy swamp of a cabinet. Dump them all.


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