Ever since Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and rape issues became public, Americans have been discussing the problems of harassment at work and rape culture in America.

The #MeToo campaign quickly grew prominence as women shared stories of being sexually harassed at work. But another topic that’s come up again is how deep sexism runs in the First Family.

The lineage of rape culture is strong between the President and his Mini-Me, Don Jr. They both have a long history of exploiting and objectifying women.

While it’s hard to beat President Trump’s level of misogyny, Diaper Don is trying. What does he think women in the workforce should do about sexual harassment? Teach kindergarten:

Donald Trump Jr. has some very bad ideas about how women should deal with sexual harassment. In a 2013 interview on the Opie and Anthony Show, he said that he believes women who “can’t handle” sexual harassment “don’t belong in the workforce” and “should go maybe teach kindergarten.”

Trump Jr., who considers himself a “guy’s guy,” offered up these awful opinions when discussing whether or not women should be allowed in all-male golf courses. Here are the full comments, unearthed by BuzzFeed:

The whole concept of the Internet and Social media eludes the Trump’s, when they delete posts. And, because nothing ever dies on the internet, we have Tweets of his sexism from back in 2011:

He even joked about workplace sexual harassment, which he then deleted:

Listen to audio Clip Below: If you can’t see this Audio file read the article from our website

There is nothing funny or acceptable about sexual harassment in the Workplace yet this DOTARD Jr. thinks it’s ok.

What are your thoughts?


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