The mother of President Donald Trump has an interesting story you may want to hear. Mary Ann née Macleod didn’t come to the United States for vacation as Trump often made us believe.

Ninety years ago, Trump’s mother came to New York from Scottish Isle of Lewis, and she had with her $50 only, to help her work.

Trump has always told us a fairy tale story of his mother, that may not be true because his mother came to the States on holiday, but never went back according to the immigration documents that was released.

Macleod ‘s story was that of a woman who was looking for a greener pasture. If Trump’s mother was chased away like Trump is trying to do to millions of illegal immigrants. He is trying to hold down foreign workers’ salaries, make sure that unemployment is on the high side and make it different for the working class.

His mother came to America and had a field day. Today, the mystery surrounding the mother of Trump has been made clear.

Macleod not only left Scotland because she was dining with poverty, she came to look for wealth and also run from a family scandal.

The sister who welcomed her to America, Mrs. Catherine Reid had a baby out of wedlock in Tong in 1920, an embarrassing situation that forced Macleod, Reid and her other sisters to abandon their hometown to America.

Macleod was the youngest of the ten kids, born to a fisherman, Malcolm Macleod, and their mother was Mary Macleod, née Smith.

Fred Trump, her husband, was the son of a German immigrant, who came to America when the travel ban was less strict.

Macleod came to America in 1930, nine days before she turned 18 and six years after Congress had passed laws that restricted immigration entry.

It is not clear how Trump and Macleod met, however, Trump who was seven years older, was an established developer and builder when Macleod was introduced to him by her sister, Catherine.

According to the 1940 census, by April 1935, Trump was already living with Macleod in their home at 175/24 Devonshire Road in Jamaica, which was a middle-class area in Long Island, Queens.

Trump and Macleod got married in January 1936 at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church and were officiated by the Rev Dr. George Buttrick, and the reception was attended by 25 guests held at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan.

Macleod naturalization came 12 years later and six years after Trump got married to her. They had five kids; sister Maryanne Barry, a federal judge, Elizabeth, who worked with a band, and Donald Trump was the family middle child while Robert was his younger brother.

In 2000, 88-year-old Macleod died at the Long Island Jewish Medical Centre in New Hyde Park, a year after husband Fred died.

President Donald Trump has been living with immigrant women for most of his life, even his ex-wife Ivana and current wife Melania came to the U.S as immigrants.

Yet, he is making things tough for immigrants today.

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  1. Donald Trump is not offended by immigrants, so long as they are white preferably European. I am certain that if a very European person who compliments him would approach him and sometime during the conversation tells him he/she is illegally here, Trump would try to be very helpful toward them. Apparently that what he’s shown toward Melania because she was apparently working illegally when he met her. He doesn’t like brown immigrants, even brown American citizens who are born here. It’s not about immigration, that’s excuse, it’s about racism.


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