Watching this video made me sick to my stomach as to the pure stupidity of Sean Hannity’s comments saying democrats were politicising the Las Vegas Shooting. Did he actually think before he said what he said??

“Bodies weren’t even in the morgue yet,” Hannity said. “Parents were in hospitals with their kids who are hanging on to life. None of this mattered to the left in this country.” He also accused gun control advocates of “politicizing the tragedy is an absolutely despicable display.” He said such discussions in the wake of the mass shooting, which left at least 58 people dead, plus the gunman, and 500 injured at a country music festival in Las Vegas, were “so shameful,” “exploitative” and “pathetic.” REALLY!!!! This guy is as mad as the shooter!

Dear old Sean. How thick are you and your Republican cronies?? This has nothing to do with Politics but the Democrats pushing for stricter legislation on Gun ownership in this country of ours to prevent this from happening again. Can you honestly sit there and say that this would’ve happened if the gun laws were much stricter? If anyone is to blame for this, if you want to go down this route, it is the GOP and Republican cronies who are in the pockets of the NRA that block any attempts for stricter legislation.

Stephen Paddock had 23 different guns in his hotel suite, including AR-15-style and AK-47-style rifles. A law enforcement official quoted by the New York Times said two rifles with scopes on tripods were found positioned in front of the broken windows in Paddock’s room. What about the other 19 weapons the police found in his house in Mesquite??

I do not care what any Hunter, Republican, gun owner or NRA nitwit have to say but who in the World needs so many different guns!!!! A different gun for each day? This is not a fashion accessory!

Watch Sean Hannity’s Despicable Monologue below:

What are your thoughts on Sean Hannity’s report?


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