If you’re in television news, there are different ways to highlight the regrets of certain Trump voters who’ve watched in horror as the president behaves precisely as always. One is to cite polling on the phenomenon. Another is to bring in a panel of voters for interviews.

Another is to bring your mother onto the set.

“It is take-your-parents-to-work day,” said MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle at the end of her morning shift on Thursday. “This is my mom, Louise Ruhle. … I talk about you all the time. President Trump won the last election — he won with suburban, white, women voters. One of them is sitting right next to me. Mom, you watch our show hopefully every day, President Trump watches a lot of cable news. What’s your message to him?”

With that, Louise Ruhle let it fly. “I did vote for you. I am disappointed in the job you’re doing,” she told Trump. “I know you didn’t prepare. You weren’t ready for all the things that come down your way. But please, work a little bit harder. Listen to all the women around you and do a better job. There’s always tomorrow.”

Trouble is, Trump isn’t known so much for watching MSNBC midday fare as he is for tuning in to early-morning cable-news programs such as “Fox & Friends” and “Morning Joe.” MSNBC could be on to something here, though: It’s hard to argue that Louise Ruhle, a Trump voter from New Jersey, has now joined the “fake news” media conspiracy against the White House.

Watch the Video Clip Below:

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