President Donald Trump suggests an IQ test will settle whether he’s really a “moron.” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used the word to describe the president this summer, according to NBC News. NBC also reported that Tillerson was on the verge of resigning this summer, which the secretary of State denied.

President Donald Trump still calls it “fake news” to say his secretary of State called him a “moron.” But if Rex Tillerson did make the jab, the president has a way to settle it.

“I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win,” Trump told Forbes of the “moron” comment.

Trump often boasts about his intelligence and achievements.

Tensions between Trump and Tillerson appeared to escalate last week when NBC News reported that Tillerson considered resigning this summer. It said Tillerson also called the president a “moron” following a July meeting with members of the president’s national security team and Cabinet.

At a hastily scheduled news conference after the report, Tillerson said he never considered leaving his job but did not deny calling the president the derogatory name.

NBC later reported that Tillerson’s refusal to deny calling Trump a moron angered the president further.

Watch Video below- Trump fuming over report that Tillerson considered resigning:

So Donald have you heard of the saying, “Do not argue with and idiot..” wait let’s change it to moron…. “Do not argue with a moron, you will lose to their experience.”

Maybe that is why Rex is not admitting to calling you a Moron. Who wants to lose to a Moron because of their experience in being a moron?

What are your thoughts?


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