Only President Donald Trump would personally attack someone while she was trying to save American lives, which is exactly what he did when he took to Twitter last week to slam Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan.

She appeared on television begging for more help for her island, trying her best to secure relief for the millions of Puerto Ricans stranded without electricity or potable water in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Trump took it as a slight, deemed her not appreciative enough, and went on the offensive.

Yesterday, Trump visited Puerto Rico and ignorantly stomped across the territory, performing strange reality television stuns like tossing paper towels into crowds. He also went out of his way to bring up Puerto Rico’s debt and added that they were responsible for messing up his federal budget. As if that weren’t enough, he also said Hurricane Maria wasn’t a “real” catastrophe when compared to Hurricane Katrina.

Now, Mayor Yulín Cruz has appeared on MSNBC to speak out against Trump in her most forceful terms yet. She rightfully attacked the way he approached his visit to Puerto Rico and pointed out that he didn’t speak to any of the mayors, presumably because he doesn’t actually care about the plight of Puerto Rico. He just wants to give the appearance of caring. It was all one big tacky PR appearance.

She called his paper towel stunt “abominable.” She also took aim at his callous Katrina comments for minimizing the suffering and death that’s currently plaguing Puerto Rico.


It’s clear Yulín Cruz just wants to save lives, but Trump’s insecure ego has caused him to grossly politicize a tragedy. He should be completely focused on providing adequate relief to Puerto Rico instead of engaging in a petty feud with the person who is doing everything she can to help her fellow Americans.

As usual, Trump is conducting himself in a disgusting fashion. Good on Yulín Cruz for standing up to him. We may not have real leadership on a federal level, but at least we can still count on some of our local leaders.


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