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Late Monday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence posted a surprising tweet stating how well President Donald Trump was succeeding “on the international stage”.

Twitter has been up in arms in response questioning whether the results Pence cited in his statement were even relatively true:

Breaking down the statement further, to state that “ISIS is on the run” without looking at the greater geopolitical strategy is ignoring the fact that Russia has preserved the Assad Regime and have expanded their sphere of influence in the Middle East.

Furthermore, as Russia becomes more powerful, the chances of establishing Ukrainian sovereignty lessens. The recently sworn in US ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman, stated that re-establishing Ukraine will be the key to successful Russian diplomacy.

Without Russian diplomacy, there will be no real way to reign in North Korea due to the power struggle within the UN Security Council. By stating that isolating North Korea is a stable, long-term solution is paramount to thinking the hunt is over once the mountain lion is treed (Strictly metaphoric, we do not condone hunting mountain lions).

Recent statements from both Congressional leadership and Trump’s own Defense and State Departments collaborate with this estimate and dissent with Trump’s unabashed strategy dealing with the rogue state.

Twitter agrees:

By ignoring their critics, the Trump Administration is not acting in the interest of the country:

Twitter sees through the ploy and is completely disillusioned by Pence’s shameless conduct:

Let’s get rid of this POS! He’s just as bad as Trump! Do you AGREE?



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