A former contestant on The Apprentice — Donald Trump’s reality show before he turned the presidency into one — who alleges the president groped her in 2007, has subpoenaed Trump’s campaign for documents regarding multiple accusations of sexual misconduct towards women, according to BuzzFeed.

The subpoena was issued in March as part of a defamation lawsuit against the misogynist-in-chief, and could potentially reveal what the campaign knew about at least a half a dozen other alleged incidents.

Summer Zervos, who went public about the sexual assault in October 2016, said it took place at one of Trump’s private residences when they were discussing her potential employment in one of his organizations — a description which mirrors the incidents described by victims of recently disgraced Hollywood scumbag extraordinaire Harvey Weinstein.

Trump — who has an extensive record of sexist barbarism — denied the allegations, and must respond to the subpoena by Halloween.

Let’s hope that this lawsuit haunts his presidency.

The subpoena can be read in full below, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

SUBPOENA LINK -Source BuzzFeed

Below image is first page of Subpoena

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