According to Reuters, special counsel Robert Mueller issued a subpoena directly connected to Trump. Mueller reportedly requested everything Deutsche Bank – Germany’s most prominent lender – has on Trump and his family. Mueller’s demand includes all of the Trump family’s account records with the bank.

Earlier this year, the president warned Mueller not to voyage into investigating his personal finances, which makes Mueller’s decision particularly interesting. Mueller wouldn’t issue this subpoena without sufficient reason.

Considering Mueller charged Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort with financial crimes including money laundering, could he be going after the Trump family for similar crimes?

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

In June, Deutsche Bank rejected a request made by House Democrats to obtain Trump’s financial records at the institution. Over the years, Deutsche Bank has loaned Trump hundreds of millions of dollars after U.S. banks denied his business due to previous bankruptcy issues.

Trump reportedly still owes Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas $130 million.

Deutsche Bank is also going through a nasty case connected to a massive Russian money laundering scheme. The bank already agreed to pay $630 million in fines related to the $10 billion Russian scheme.

Will Mueller find what he needs to bring down the Trump administration?

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