Ivanka Trump hopped on Twitter this morning to offer a belated congratulation to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement. She linked to a Reuters article announcing the wedding date as May 19th and wished the couple a lifetime of “love, laughter, and happiness.”

Many immediately interpreted the tweet as a transparent fishing attempt to get an invitation to the wedding. Markle, an American actress, has offered sharp criticism of Donald Trump in the past, calling him divisive and misogynistic. The Independent reports that Prince Harry is also critical of the American president, but in private so as to not cause a diplomatic incident. As such, many presume the entire Trump family will be left off the guest list, including Ivanka

Many pointed out that the Obama family will likely be in attendance, as they’ve maintained a great relationship with the Royal Family and are extremely popular in the United Kingdom overall. There will be an American President at the wedding, but it won’t be the current one.

Users tweeted:

One can hardly blame the royal couple for not wanting the hateful Trump clan stomping through their wedding. They’re loud, ignorant, and obsessed with the spotlight. As far as Ivanka, she may choose to keep a low profile much of the time, but she’s just as bad as her vapid siblings and egomaniacal father.

She’s chosen to thrown her lot in with a deeply corrupt regime, and as such deserves every iota of criticism and disdain directed at her. Her position in the White House stems entirely from nepotism and her spot on the international stage is an embarrassment to the United States. She’s complicit and will be judged accordingly by history.

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