Hey Scaramucci, listen to me Sonny and don't you point at me. Where are your manners?

Trump wants to surround himself with enablers and junkyard dogs, hence the selection of the pugilistic Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director.

Just like Trump, Scaramucci made headlines this week and possibly got more exposure than his Boss. Not sure how much Trump liked that, we will see how things unfold in the coming weeks.

The last week has seen US politics, cross the floor and enter the realm of cheesy Soapies. We have seen the drama unfold, the disappointments, back stabbing, infighting, leaks and Marriages falling by the wayside.

We have also see the Star of this Soapie cross the line by blocking Transgenders from entering the army, blatantly ignoring a handicapped toddler wanting to shake his hand as well trying all he can to block possible involvement with the Russians. One of the highlights of the past week was the Star of the Show (Donald) getting stabbed in his back by one of his own (McCain’s NO vote). What a sight to see!

So all in all, what have we learned this week, was the character of the people that were put in place to represent the American people. I am not sure that you would agree, but somebody needs to school them on what role they play in the positions they hold and that this is not Hollywood.

Talk about Schooling, Trump’s Player Hero, Scaramucci was schooled in a huge way. Back in 2010 the one and only President Obama Owned him.

Watch play by play the below video on how Scaramucci was put in his place.

Will Scaramucci ever get schooled? What are your thoughts? Please share this article and maybe we will reach someone out there that can shed a light here.


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