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Trump is quickly galvanizing both the right and left in opposition to his presidency. By now he’s thoroughly demonstrated that he is neither conservative nor liberal, but simply an egomaniac with no ideological or moral moorings to direct his agenda. Trump believes in power for the sake of power and the Republican establishment is increasingly realizing that he is steering the nation towards disaster.

Now, President George W. Bush, a man whose disastrous legacy maintains little support within even his own party, has decided it’s time to speak out against the dark forces Trump has awakened in American politics, namely overt bigotry and the ascendancy of white supremacist beliefs.

During a speech today at the George W. Bush Institute in New York City Bush took aim at Trump in veiled terms, leaving no doubt who the target of his speech was, without engaging in outright personal attacks on the president.

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The bit about conspiracy theories is particularly pertinent to the current zeitgeist, as fringe groups have grown more influential, even within the White House itself. Donald Trump has personally appeared on the Alex Jones Show, an online program that peddles in narratives as paranoid and disgusting as claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax coordinated and carried out by the federal government.

Bush moved on to discuss the unprecedented attacks on our democracy by the Russian Federation. Trump still refuses to adequately respond to the cyber-attacks, emboldening them to carry out even worse digital misinformation and hacking efforts in the future.

Video below: Bush On Russian influence on Americans

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In perhaps the most crucial part of his speech, Bush slammed bigotry and white supremacy as “blasphemy against the American creed,” a particularly poignant articulation of how un-American Trump and his hateful base have become.

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A final piece of the speech was a clear criticism of Trump. Bush said that new generations need role models who aren’t prejudiced bullies. Trump is, of course, the most prominent prejudiced bully in American public life right now.

Watch Bush clip about Youth needing Positive Role Models and Bullying

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President Bush’s speech is important, and it’s possible to commend him for it while still recognizing all the damage he wrought on not only the United States but the rest of the world. Simply calling out our current vile president doesn’t absolve Bush of his sins, but it does help push the discourse towards a unanimous rejection of Trumpism, and at this point, the country needs all the help it can get.

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