As Trump prepared for his Asia Trip today he could not hold back his little Twitter fingers before departing. He decided shoot several days worth of tweets out of his system and what he spewed was a string of moronic, borderline criminal. But one stood out as an outright racist message targeted at Sen. Warren

Some think he did this because he did not know when he would go “Twitter dark” again after his accidental, but yet on purpose Twitter shut down by a departing Twitter Employee. Nonetheless his tweets opened up a Twitter Storm including the person he hurled insult to, Elizabeth Warren.

Donald used the name of a famous 17th century Native American women as a catch-all term for a diverse group of people, tribes, and cultures is as ignorant as it is insensitive. It demonstrates a profound lack of respect for Native Americans, to say nothing of the disrespect it shows for a sitting United States Senator.

The best part is Trump made another blunder on that tweet, anyone notice it????

Sen. Warren fired back with:

And Twitter followed suite as well:

Donald sees his administration floundering and is throwing out random attacks in a desperate bid to save himself. It won’t work. Rumors of more indictments from the Mueller investigation are already swirling. Trump may return from his Asia trip to find that even more members of his team are on the fast track to prison. Heck maybe even a motorcade of FBI agents waiting for Trump to disembark Air Force one? Who knows.

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