On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order to begin rolling back parts of Obamacare. CNN anchor Erin Burnett did not hold back in her response after Trump signed his 50th executive order since he assumed control of the office. This amounts to “one” executive order “every five days,” Burnett stated.

She went on to explain that it is double the number that President Obama had signed into office by the end of October during the first year of his first term.

Burnett noted that before becoming the “hypocrite-in-Chief”, Trump had continuously criticized President Obama for his utilization of executive orders, and used it as a bullet point during his campaign. As far back as 2012, Trump was attacking Obama for his use of power on Twitter:

In November 2015, Trump declared, “Nobody wants to listen to [Obama], including the Democrats, so he just goes around signing executive orders”.

And, according to the Washington Post in January 2016 Trump stated, “We have a president that can’t get anything done so he just keeps signing executive orders all over the place.”

Trump’s latest executive order is the latest, and most significant attempt, to undercut the Affordable Care Act that will further destabilized the already fragile healthcare marketplace.

Now, people are left questioning Trump’s motives while waiting to feel the impact of his actions.

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