Donald Trump’s inner circle has officially been torn apart. His former campaign chairman and a trusted adviser have both been arrested and a former adviser has already plead guilty to collusion. Now it seems that a fourth adviser is about to be arrested as well.

Things keep getting worse for Trump, as just this week Carter Page testified before the House Intelligence Committee, which is another blow to Trump.

Carter Page, Trump’s former campaign adviser testified privately, but the transcript has now been released to the public.

He admitted to Congress that he did meet with Russian government officials in 2016 during a trip that Russia paid for. Page was indeed a paid foreign agent of Russia and while that may have fallen just under the legal threshold, what it did was incriminate Trump and Hope Hicks.

Hicks was a key adviser who worked closely with Trump during the campaign and in his administration. Carter Page told Congress that he told her about his trip to Moscow, which proves she was lying when she said, “It never happened, there was no communication between the campaign and any foreign entity during the campaign.”

Add her name to the list of people who tried to obstruct justice during this investigation.

Bill Palmer points out:

Lying to the media is not a crime in and of itself, unless it obstructs justice. However, by that time, multiple major media outlets had reported that there was a federal investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal. If Page is telling the truth, it would suggest that Hicks obstructed justice by lying. It gets worse.

Carter Page would have run his Moscow trip past Hope Hicks because he wanted the approval of someone who had Donald Trump’s ear. If Hicks ran the Page trip past Donald Trump, it would mean Trump went on to obstruct justice each time he publicly claimed that he had no knowledge of any contacts between his campaign and Russia.

Hicks is going to be the next to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and with this new detail, he can put even more pressure on tell what she knows, which has to make Trump and everyone involved extremely nervous right about about now.

Mueller recently released the names of 6 top Trump aides he intends to question and Hope Hicks was among those names. Curious, then, that around the same time Donald Trump would have found out that Hicks would be a key witness, he gave her a huge promotion, which smells like a bribe and obstruction of justice to me, but Robert Mueller will get to the bottom of it.

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