In a surprising show of backbone from a usually docile and compliant Republican Senator, Marco Rubio of Florida has announced that he is suddenly refusing to vote for the Republican $1.5 trillion “tax reform” bill unless they include an expansion of tax credits for children.

Rubio and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) have crafted a plan that would allow “millions more low-income families to take advantage of the bill’s expanded credit” at a cost of $80 billion over 10 years – a quite reasonable amount to spend on our children, considering that is barely one-fifth of what we spend on the military every year.

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) is already a “no” on the tax plan due to the damage it would do to our nation’s deficit. Lee is undecided, while a few other senators are nominal “yeses” but that could change as the negotiations continue to unfold.

While the fate of the American middle class is still looking quite bleak, any sign of trouble for the Republican Senate and any threat to their heinous plans to rob the poor to feed the rich is welcome – no matter how spineless and sanctimonious the messenger might be.

Surprising move, do you agree?


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