Last night, in what both major parties viewed as a referendum on Trumpism with massive ramifications for coming legislation and elections, Democrats trounced Republicans nationwide.

This morning, President Barack Obama weighed in on how we got here and what it all means going forward (tweet below).

In the closely watched swing state of Virginia, Democrat Ralph Northam cruised to a nine-point victory in a race that was expected to be neck-and-neck. No less telling in the Commonwealth was the Democratic pick-up of at least 14 seats with five still too close to call — Democrats need to win 17 to flip one of the most heavily gerrymandered legislatures in the country.

In New Jersey, Phil Murphy took the Governor’s Mansion back for the Democrats after an eight year absence, and Democrats also had big days in Washington state, Florida, Michigan, Maine, and elsewhere.

Obama knows that these often unnoticed races have huge consequences on people’s lives, and he also knows that these victories do not happen by chance. They happen because people vote. We can talk all we want about how Trumpism has backfired — we will and it has.

But Democrats won yesterday because Democrats voted — period. And, as President Obama knows well, if we continue to vote for Democrats, we will continue to win.

Twitter Agreed:

We all need to Show up and Vote. United we stand divided we fall. Do you Agree with Barack?


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